I am a painter and sculptor mostly known for my clay works inspired by the human figure. My interpretation of the human experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual level is revealed in each of the sculptures I create. Their shapes are elegant and organic, with geometric surfaces of primarily colorful glazes and incised lines. When my sculptures are experienced in person they reveal a distinctive presence, personality and energy, each conveying real human qualities and emotion. It is my intuitive process of turning clay into something tangible and meaningful that has intrigued me over the past thirty-five years.

My colorful, multi-layered, abstract paintings are constructed with layers of color and amorphous shapes that move in a free form style. As you look closely, images reminiscent of humans, animals, unusual life forms and habitats appear. A wonderland of sorts with boundaries; in the form of hard-edge line and bold geometric blocks of color, giving order and harmony to the experience. My sculptures and paintings share common qualities; physically in the architectural influences of my past and emotionally in their shared strength, depth and energy, profoundly affecting most who experience them.