SHE’S ON FIRE - glazed and ready to be glaze fired in the kiln
 The sculpture in the background is almost ready (dry enough) to be bisque fired in my kiln. The sculpture in the   foreground required about 3 more weeks of drying time before bisque firing.
 In this photo I am glazing what will become “Bubbles and Squeak” a process that usually takes about 3 or 4 days   to complete. After glaze firing the colors are completely different as you can tell.
 My sculpture and painting studio is located in the idyllic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It is an area with a wonderfully creative community of artists and craftspeople. My husband, son and I moved here from Florida hoping to find of an environment with an energy and spirit similar to that of Canada where I grew up. And more importantly a place our son Boston a nature lover would thrive.
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